Individual 1 to 1 Triathlon Swim Technique Sessions

Do you need to improve your swimming efficiency or become a more confident swimmer for your open water or triathlon races?

Improving your technique is one of the biggest changes you can make that will ensure your swims are more enjoyable and rewarding.

No matter your level, join Mark Pearce (BTF Level 3 coach) for a 1:1 Swim Technique Session.  These are focused upon the technical development of front crawl. These sessions can be booked at any weekday time to suit you.

Due to the very bespoke and tailored nature of this session, it really does deliver bang for your buck and will give you results fast

We offer a 1-hr and a 2-hr session, the latter is often used by athletes travelling from further away to maximise the time spent with Mark.  The content is the same in both sessions though. 

How does it work?

1 - Booking

At the booking stage, we will ask for some information about your objectives and history to better tailor the session.

We will also need to confirm the date and time of your session to facilitate booking a lane at the pool.

2 - Pre Session

Ensure you have the minimum kit requirement, which you will receive in the post-purchase email and is listed below. 

On the day we will meet 15min before the session is due to start and go over the outline for the session.  

3 - Session

The first part of the session is about Mark finding out what you can and can't do. He will observe you swimming and capture some video. This can be played back poolside so you can see it too. 

After this, he will start at the beginning and work through the key areas, to improve your stroke. 

4 - Feedback

After the session, you will receive a report that outlines the key strengths and weaknesses of your stroke and provide some guidance on what you can do to improve it.  Including drills, video demonstrations, and some session ideas. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is covered?

Due to the uniquely tailored approach of our 1:1 Swim Technique Sessions, the content is down to the individual swimmer's needs. We will do a  profile early in the session, and then we will be able to use this to maximise your time during the rest of the session. 

We look at:

    • Mobility & flexibility
    • Kick
    • Body Position
    • Breathing
    • Rotation
    • Alignment
    • Arm action

In order to improve technique, you need to have the foundations set effectively, so we start at this point and work forwards.  To effectively change the technique you need repetition and not too many things to think about, so sessions may only end up focussing upon 1 or 2 areas. 

Who are 1 to 1 sessions for?

This session is for anyone who wants to make a quick improvement in all aspects of their swim stroke technique. One-on-one time with Mark enables a personalised approach to you, in a world-class pool at a time to suit you in the week.

When and where are sessions?

Most of our 1:1 sessions take place at the World Class Loughborough University Swimming Pool at a day and time to suit you.

This link takes you to their timetable, and in normal times will show where there are lanes that can be booked.  You can use this to help guide what time/date you can attend.

Do I need any equipment?

An open mind and a positive attitude will help, plus a few swimming toys to aid learning


    • Pull buoy
    • Fins
    • Paddles


Finis Tempo Trainer – Useful for working on arm turnover rates, and in training sessions for timing.

Finis Agility Paddles – Unique paddles with no straps, this encourages feel for the water and reduced dropping of the wrist in the catch

Finis Freestyler Paddles – Usually used as training paddles these also help with alignment under the water and provide feedback on ‘S’ in the pull phase

Finis Axis Pull Buoy – This is a unique take on the pull and one of the key ‘toys’ we use.  It isolates the legs more by fixing around the ankles and encourages core activation.

Finis Snorkel – Useful for exercises when rotating to breathe is distracting.

Finis Fins – Short stiff fins to provide some extra propulsion, essential for many drills.  However not too big so they change the dynamics of the kick.

Finis Pull Buoy – Standard pull buoy

What feedback will I get?

During the session, we use under and over water video to show you during the session what you look like.  If you have paid for a 'formal' video summary we will capture your swim technique from a range of angles and provide a video summary with key points and actions. This is uploaded to a password protected YouTube file which you can view on a range of devices and at your leisure.  You can also download this file.  

How do I book?

This is a day time session, and the University pool usually has very good availability.

If you are flexible with dates and times, hit the Purchase button below.  You will receive an email with a request for more information, including an idea of some dates that would work for you, and we will get back to you with some time and dates around that.

If you need a precise time and date, please contact us first and we will check availability for you.

Ready to Purchase?

Please only purchase now if you are fairly flexible on times and dates.  If you need a specific time and date, contact us first to arrange this.

JULY & AUGUST 2021 - for pricing and to book/pay please use the Team Up booking system - HERE