Intelligent Triathlon Training Presents

Middle & Long Distance Training Camp

3rd or 5th June to 12th June 2022

Unique luxury location in rural France.  All your food is included in the price, and any nutritional requirements can be catered for.  All snacks and drinks are also included.  Just bring your own prefered nutrition products for training. 

Mark Pearce is the former head coach for British Triathlon's Olympic Training centre in Loughborough and was the Performance Scientist for the 2004 and 2008 Olympics. 

Sam Proctor has been an AG athlete prior to turning Pro and setting the fastest pro debut by a Brit in Texas in 2019. 

Exclusive use of fantastic triathlon facilities including heated 25m pool, on-site lake for open water swimming and gym. 

Quiet well-surfaced roads, an onsite trail and a local running track also provide excellent training options. 


Quality training and coaching are designed around your requirements

During this camp, the focus is on race preparation.  We will be undertaking some key sessions that you can use in your build-up to a 70.3 or Ironman distance event. Including:- 

  • How to plan and pace your event with power, heart rate or pace
  • Fuelling strategies to ensure you are getting sufficient fuel including PRO tips on how to maximise this. 
  • Open water swim sessions including Swim to bike sessions if required. 

Alongside these key sessions, we will be working with you on executing an appropriate training programme for you.  

We do not run camps where everyone does the same thing, every session you do should have a purpose and be appropriate for your fitness and stage of training.  That said we do follow a similar structure during each day, it's just the session that will be adjusted to an appropriate level.  

Mark and Sam will organise all the plans for training so each person has their own schedule for the camp.  It will follow a rough outline, i.e. we will be doing a 'long ride' on a specific day, how long and how fast is the specific part for you.  We will have two coaches and local riders to act as guides and coaches on the road and for the longer rides, there will also be a support vehicle close by in case of emergencies. 

Everyone requires an appropriate volume and frequency of running and we cater for this, some athletes might require a higher volume or frequency of sessions, whilst others may be running at a higher intensity and lower volume.  

 If you wish to discuss the camp contents, drop Mark a message at

With 247 access to the pool, we can organise sessions to meet any needs, so if you are swimming a lot then we can incorporate that.  Technical analysis - no problem! We will have our video analysis tools available. 

Sessions will be organised in much the same way we coach our normal sessions, each lane will have a small range of paces so you are always swimming with people of a similar ability. 

We can cater for various levels of ability from Ironman winners to those who want to get around as well as possible.

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Location and Dates


3rd or 5th June to 12th June 2022 (choose the best date for you)


Chateau de la Motte Henry is a beautiful, 19th Century Chateau set in over 9 hectares of glorious parkland in the Pays de la Loire. Easy to get to from the UK and mainland Europe, the Chateau is equipped with first-class health, fitness and leisure facilities to allow guests to relax and re-energise. The spacious accommodation remains true to Chateau’s heritage, updated for modern convenience.

The nearest airport is Nantes and is about an hour's drive away, transfers can be arranged at no extra cost if arriving on the recommended flights. There are flights on RyanAir from Stansted on Friday and Sundays. 

There are also ferries from the south of England to Northern France, from Caen to Aquenay is ~2hrs.

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3rd to 12th June 2022 

5th to 12th June 2022
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7 nights through Group Evolution is £1400 
9 nights through Group Evolution is £1500 

Use code ITT to reduce the cost to £1008 and £1080 respectfully (28% discount)

The price includes everything you will need whilst at the venue, the only other costs will be your travel to the venue.  

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