Swim School Autumn 2023


Welcome to Swim School - our aim over the next 11 sessions is to help you to become a more efficient, confident and faster swimmer. 

Many of you will have been on our courses or sessions before, but I assure you that this year, we are mixing things up a little as we introduce new content and approaches.  

In the last School, we experimented with some in-the-water coaching - we will be using this more than ever this year, with demonstrations and a little hands-on coaching.  

Hands-on coaching means physical contact between coach and swimmer so we can position you correctly and help you to understand how an action works more effectively.  If you are uncomfortable with this, please don't be afraid to let us know.  We will always ask before there is contact, even if we did the same thing the week before.  

We have also mixed the order in which our content is delivered to help speed the development of your stroke up.

We will also be undertaking more video recordings to give you feedback.  We obviously cannot get everyone every week, so this will be a section of clips taken through the session where you can see yourself swimming or drilling.  We have found that sometimes, simply seeing yourself can help to trigger better form and technique.  

We will also be posting a video with an outline of the coming week's session key points you can see the video for week 1 below.