Faster More Efficient Swim Clinic 2023

£115 One time

Swimming is such a technically challenging sport that you can spend many hours working hard on becoming fitter but not getting much faster.  For many swimmers, the answer is to improve your technique, reduce drag, increase propulsion, and use your fitness more effectively. 

Our course is a one-day course with 2 x 2-hr swim sessions and a 90 min interactive session with Claire Howard, our friendly physio, who will take you through some mobility and strength exercises and a pre-session warm-up.

In each of the three swimming sessions, we will break your stroke down and focus on specific aspects before building it back up into your full stroke again.

You can read more about our philosophy in developing techniques by clicking "read more".

We limit numbers to 14 swimmers on this course so we can spend the maximum time with you, and we will have three coaches on deck (4:1 coach ratio).

What happens on the day?

09:30 - Meet & Greet - Introduction and short presentation on the contents for the day 

10:15 to 12:15 - 90-min swim session covering the foundation & core skills 

12:15 to 12:45 - Lunch

12:45 - 14:15 - Mobility/ Conditioning/Activation Practical with Caire Howard.

14:30 -16:30 - Swim session covering the advanced skills with a recap of the core skills. 

16:45 - Depart

That looks like a lot of swimming!

It is a full-on day; however, the first session has a lot of demonstration and instruction and doesn't actually have a lot of swimming while we learn the core skills. 

The second session does have more swimming, but each person only needs to do as much as they are comfortable with. 

Am I fast enough or too fast?

These sessions are aimed at intermediate swimmers who want to improve their technique; the sessions are aimed at swimmers who can swim ~25 - 37 min for 1500m (if in doubt, ask)

    After completing this course, you will: 

    • Know and understand the essential aspects required for more efficient swimming
    • Understand how to perform drills that will help you to achieve this
    • Understand how to implement them in your swim programme correctly
    • Understand how they impact your full stroke.
    • Learn how to make corrections to your stroke as you swim.
    • Know how to go about improving range of motion and how to activate the relevant muscles

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will I need any equipment?

    YES - the following is essential:

    - Fins (not snorkelling ones)

    - Pull buoy

    - Paddles

    Do you provide lunch?

    As many sportspeople are very particular about their food, we ask you to bring your own lunch and snacks.  Tea and coffee will be available at lunchtime. 

    Four hours of swimming sounds a lot!

    You are correct, it does.  Don't worry though there will be plenty of time for recovery, and breaks as we explain and demonstrate areas.  Typically people will swim ~ 1.0 - 1.5k per hour in these sessions. 

    Will this course transform me into a super swimmer?

    No it won't, you may well become a super swimmer, but one course will not do that.  The lessons you learn and the skills you take away may do.  However, you need to be prepared to put time into practising what you learn, time and time again.  

    £115 One time

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