Swimming with Intelligent Triathlon Training

We offer a range of swimming-related services.  No matter your level we can help you swim faster. 

Join us for one of our intensive programmes such as our Swim Schools, Swim Clinics or 1:1 Sessions focussing on the technical development of front crawl.

Our swim coaching sessions are very popular with all levels of swimmer. We have worked with people swimming anything from over 10 minutes for 400m, to sub 4:30, and have helped everyone improve their times.

If you want to improve your swimming, it is important to not just focus on swimming faster. Swimming more comfortably, confidently and efficiently will all result in improved performance.

Training Sessions
These are bookable using the GoTeamUp calendar below, either pay as you go or buy passes for more cost-effective swimming

Swim Schools
These courses are multiweek  courses designed to cover all aspects of swimming technique for those near Loughborough

1-2-1 Technique Sessions
Individual, hyper-specific technique work on your stroke with video analysis and feedback via online video summary

Swim Clinic Course
These are 3 x 1-day courses coving the content of our Swim School, with some additional information and homework!  

Team Up Booking App for Individual Class Booking

Download the GoTeamUp app to your phone and you can book sessions, cancel sessions, buy passes, change lanes in few quick clicks.  Once set up you won't need to enter payment details again.  Below is the calendar with our current sessions, and you can also see upcoming courses and the membership passes available. 


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Once that’s all set up, you simply buy your pack or single swim and select your session.