Bespoke Training Programmes 

We offer a variety of bespoke programmes for triathlonswimmingcycling or running. These are programmes built specifically for you to meet your objectives and work around your time. 

Written and designed by head coach Mark Pearce, these allow you to have a whole triathlon programme designed for you or a specific discipline if that is what you need.  Let the expert take the load and help you towards a faster, more rewarding performance.

If you are a keen triathlete who is used to regular training but needs more guidance or wants the confidence to follow a well-designed plan that works for you and your time, then these programmes are for you!

The duration of your plan is flexible, with a minimum of 2 months.  So whether you want a plan to get you to a race in 2 months or one year's time, this programme will work for you. We will work toward whatever big or small goals you have.

We use technology to help balance your training and life to make it simple, objective and enjoyable.  All programmes require a power meter for cycling (smart trainer or PM) and, ideally, a Stryd running power meter, although these are not compulsory.  For swimming programmes, you need a pool and some of the basic toys. 

If you choose one of the discipline-specific options, we fit in with the other training you want to set.   So if you choose the bike programme and have swim club sessions on certain days, and tri club run sessions on others, we work with that to ensure you can get the most out of our programme AND your own.

    Without Mark, I would not have trained in such a structured and tailored way with a clear view of what I needed to do. It is also my view that I would not have finished so strongly, setting a marathon PB at the end of the day to finish my first Ironman on a massive high. Mark and ITT are top class, and I love having Mark’s guidance and support

Neil Cobley, Ironman Vichy 2018 Finisher, Operations Manager, TT Automotive

How it Works

1. Sign Up

Sign up and pay via the link below - your programme won't start until the day of the first session in your programme. 

2. Information

Complete the onboarding form, the more information you can provide, the better. 

3. Training Peaks

Connect your Training Peaks account to our coach one, details on how to do this are included in the welcome email.

4. Plan

7 days prior to your start date your programme will be available in Training Peaks.  Any questions about timing, or terminology, email us. 

5. Execute

Get cracking with your training, and upload your sessions, data and comments.  With Bespoke plans, we review this prior to putting up your next 2-month plan.  

6. Review

After 8 weeks, complete the plan review questionnaire and get your new plan.

     Mark is a very experienced coach with a solid CV around triathlon. This was the major reason why I chose him, and I could also see excellent information on his website.

Even just as a “Bespoke Training Plan” athlete with, sometimes, some consultancy support, I have never had such a high level of training. Mark knows how to get the maximum from me in a very well-structured plan. His expertise allows him to do that even in a bespoke program. If you want to have a coach who can help you perform your best, don’t hesitate to choose him.

Jose Rui Galvao | 70.3 & Iroman AG


Bespoke Triathlon

£140 per month

A unique custom-constructed triathlon programme based around you and your life.

Bespoke Swimming

£70 per month

A unique custom-constructed swim programme based around you and your life.

Bespoke Cycling

£80 per month

A unique custom-constructed cycling programme based around you and your life.

Bespoke Running

£80 per month

A unique custom-constructed running programme based around you and your life.

SPECIAL OFFER: Until 25th December 2023

Until Christmas Day, we are offering some fantastic deals on Bespoke Triathlon Training Plans, so you can give the gift of training this Christmas.  Whatever triathlon event they are training for, we can help

8-Week Bespoke Triathlon Training Plan 

A bespoke triathlon training plan for eight weeks, with the option to continue if they wish to. 

12-Week Bespoke Triathlon Training Plan

A bespoke triathlon training plan for twelve weeks, with the option to continue if they wish to.

Included in all Bespoke Programmes

  • Training Peaks Premium Account (worth £19.99 if billed monthly) 
  • 15% off a Stryd Power meter for running
  • Your own member's area on our web platform, which has information to help you through your programme and other exciting tips we don't release publicly. 
  • The option to upgrade or downgrade your account at any time (i.e. go from a single discipline to triathlon or vice versa)
  • Your A races can be planned using our Best Bike Split account to provide an accurate and relevant pacing strategy and accurate time prediction.
  • Access to cost-price Team Kit and be part of the British Triathlon and Cycling Time Trials affiliated club.