Give Your Swim a Boost for 2024

Join us at the Barcelo Active on Lanzarote for eight sessions over five days of technical swim coaching (15hrs in total).  These camps are aimed at people participating in triathlons or open water swimming who want to give their technique a real kickstart this winter. 

These camps are aimed at swimmers already training for or have competed in events and want to improve their skills; it is NOT a learn-to-swim camp.  As such, we cater to swimmers who regularly swim at least 2km in a one-hour training session or who can perform 2.5km in one hour of consistent swimming.

If you need more info on any aspect, please get in touch with us using the button below. 

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29th Feb  - 4th March 2024

from £780

  • Maximum 12 swimmers with two coaches.
  • Swim technique focussed camp.
  • Video analysis and feedback in all sessions.
  • Fun and supportive environment. 
  • Barcelo Active Hotel with Half board and various accommodation options.

What is Included

15 hr of Coached Pool Time
Set over five days, we start with an evening session on the day of arrival, then have three days of double swims and finish with a morning swim on the day of departure. 

1 x Open Water Sea Swim
On day 4, we will include an open water session in the sea near to the hotel.  During this session, we will cover some of the skills required for swimming effectively in the open water

2 x Coaches - Max 12 Swimmers
We will have two experienced coaches, head coach Mark and Assistant coach and pro triathlete Sam - more details in the bio at the bottom of the page.

50-m Heated Pool
We have chosen the Barcelo Active in Lanzarote for several reasons, one of the main ones is the quality of the pool.  Super clear water in a heated 50m pool, in the open air.

Video Analysis and Feedback
We strongly believe feedback in its various forms is essential for athletes to improve their skills, Using multiple cameras and angles, we use OnForm to provide analysis and feedback within the session and post-sessions. 

Mobility and S&C Guidance
Whilst not a core part of this course, we will be providing some additional guidance on mobility, warm-up, and an introduction to how strength and conditioning can help your swimming..

Options to have 121 sessions
If there are particular areas you wish to focus on and require individually tailored support, we can arrange these during the camp (for an additional charge). We are also available for consultations on how you can continue to improve your swimming once the camp finishes. 

Fun and supportive environment
If you follow our social media, you may have gotten a sense of how supportive our regular groups are of each other. We work hard to foster this, and this camp will be no different, we can all learn from each other and have fun at the same time. 

What is covered during the sessions

This camp aims to improve your swim technique for open water swimming or triathlon.  All swimmers will have slight differences in their strokes but the fundamentals of a good stroke hold true no matter the 'style'. We don't subscribe to one of the 'methods' of swimming, instead, we focus on fitting the swimmer to a stroke and style that works for them.  

To do this, we use drills, feedback and demonstrations to work with each swimmer to make the most out of our time together, these aspects include:

  • The importance of good breathing technique - the inhalation/exhalation, the timing and the motion of moving to breathe.
  • Body position - what this is, why it's important and how you can maximise your body position. How to use your legs effectively.  This does not necessarily mean using them more; it may mean controlling them better to use them less.
  • How to rotate and put yourself in a great position to reduce drag and increase propulsion
  • How to rotate and put yourself in a great position to reduce drag and increase propulsion
  • What correct alignment is, and how to get it
  • Why timing is so crucial for an effective stroke and how you can achieve this. 
  • The three phases of propulsion; Catch, Pull and Push - how to maximise them and create meaningful propulsion.

Experienced Triathlon and Open Water Coaches

Intelligent Triathlon Training owner and head coach Mark Pearce has been coaching triathlon and swim technique programmes for ten years, improving the efficiency and speed of hundreds of swimmers.  Using a mix of precise swimming drills, demonstrations, video and verbal feedback, swimmers with different learning styles can all benefit from his experience and insights.  

Assistant coach Sam Proctor comes from an age group background before obtaining his professional triathlon license in 20218.  His experience in open-water swimming, racing and coaching is an invaluable asset, meaning he can directly relate to most people. 

Mark Pearce (BTF Level 3 Coach)

Mark was formerly head of Performance Science at British Triathlon before moving into coaching.  He went on to coach Lucy Hall at London 2012 Olympics before setting up Intelligent Triathlon Training.  Over the past ten years, he has run numerous swim clinics, courses and schools for triathletes and aspiring triathletes.  

Sam Proctor (Pro Triathlete & Coach)

Sam came to ITT as an Age group triathlete with a goal to improve his performance, 2 years later he had a pro license and set what was at the time, the fastest debut pro Ironman time by a Brit in IM Texas 2019. 

He now mixes racing as a pro with coaching for ITT, having worked with Mark for 7 years they make a great team, complementing each other's backgrounds and skills. 


Ove the past ten years, we have run numerous courses and schools helping hundreds of triathletes to develop their skills and knowledge of how to swim more effectively.


       I’ve completed two blocks of ITT swim school & I am really happy with the improvements it’s made to my swimming this season, not only in the pool but also in open water. I highly recommend these sessions for all abilities.

Sharon, UK


      I was really struggling to work out why I could not improve my swim times further, and the swim technique course was just what I needed! By breaking down each element of the stroke, I understood the link between drills and how this related to my swimming and consequently positively impacted my performance.

Fiona, UK


.     Going to weekly ITT Swim sessions for me has provided me with the structure & consistency needed to improve my swimming. Something in a public pool environment is very hard to replicate; with ITT, it’s fun and easy! highly recommend

Darren, UK

I've tried several swim courses with varying degrees of success, working with Mark and the ITT coaches has been the most enjoyable and productive one yet!

Mark, UK

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I signup?

Due to our various options, we require you to complete a simple booking form with the dates and room options you would prefer.  Once we receive that, you will receive confirmation of a booking and a link to pay in full or deposit.  Please read the Terms and Conditions before making payment. 

What is NOT included in the price?

Your travel to and from your home airport and flights are not included.  The hotel is booked on a half-board basis, so lunch and other snacks are not included. Other than that there should not be any additional costs unless you wish to do other activities outside of the camp. 

What is your cancellation policy? 

For more details, see our Terms and Conditions page

When do I need to pay the balance?

If you pay a deposit for a camp, we will send an email reminder 60 days before the camp begins, with the balance due 51 days before the camp starts. Payment can be made via our secure Stripe payment gateway.  If you book with less than 51 days to the start of the camp, we require payment in full at the booking stage. 

Can I bring a friend who is not attending the swimming sessions?

Yes, we have an option at checkout to add a roommate, the price is then for the cost of the room and one person attending the camp. 

What do I need to bring with me?

We will use swim 'toys' in most sessions, with the following be essential 

  • Fins, pull buoy, paddles, kickboard

It is also helpful if you have a tempo trainer or similar device, as we will do at least one stroke rate session. 

Can I do other training while on the camp?

Yes, of course, while 4hrs of pool time may be enough for most, there will be plenty of time for a run or gym session outside of the sessions on the camp.  You may also wish to see some of the sights on the island too, when we are not in a session, your time is your own. 

The island is a mecca for cyclists and triathletes and if you don't want to bring your own bike, there numerous places to rent whilst staying on the island.